Geothermal Heating

Earth-Friendly and Cost Efficient

The application of geothermal heating and cooling has been named “the most energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive of all heating and cooling systems”, by the Environmental Protection Agency. A geothermal system’s basic concept takes advantage of the earth’s constant temperature (approximately 55 degrees) to heat and cool a home or building. By removing heat from the earth in the winter and transferring heat to the earth in the summer, a geothermal heat pump can save homeowners 40 to 70 percent in heating costs and 30 to 50 percent in cooling costs compared to conventional systems.

Ground source heat pumps work in a similar manner as air source heat pumps, minus the high cost. A typical household may save $1500 a year or more. This can give most systems a payback period of three to five years depending on fossil fuel heating prices. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are up to three times as efficient as the most efficient fossil fuel furnace. By moving heat that already exists in the earth, instead of burning a combustible fuel, geothermal systems can deliver three units of energy for every one unit used to power the heat-pump system.

Contact Ottauquechee Plumbing and Heating in Woodstock, Vermont, at 802-457-9127 if you have any questions about how you can benefit from the installation of a geothermal heating system.Geothermal-Heatng-Systems

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